Top Tips To Gain More Bookings For Your Hotel Business

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As the owner of a hotel, you understand that many different factors contribute to your success. However, none of the other issues will matter if you fail to gain bookings from guests.

The following top tips to gain more bookings for your hotel business can transform the future of your venture. Here’s all you need to know about taking your bookings to the next level over the coming months and the years to come. 

Empower Business
Empower Business

Know Your Place

When people research hotels in your location, they will come across several options. Yours does not have to be the cheapest to gain bookings. Instead, your goal is to show that your accommodation is the best fit for them. Therefore, you need to know your ideal customer and promote your hotel to them. Appreciating the differences between a luxury hotel and a budget-friendly hotel is vital. Likewise, you should consider whether the hotel is aimed at families, business people, or couples.

In turn, you will be better positioned to promote your business in the right places and using the best USPs. 

Invest In Visual Media

Most people that are ready to book their hotel will be eager to see what it has to offer. While they will read the text within your brochures, you need to grab their attention with visual media. A building photographer can capture the glory of your exteriors, facilities, and comfortable rooms. Short videos are another great marketing tool. The visual content will provide far clearer insights while also leaving a more memorable impression. In turn, bookings should soar.

It’s also an ideal way to break down language barriers and gain bookings from international clients. In recreational and corporate situations.

Run Conferences

Hotels aren’t only for leisure. They are also regularly used by business clients for networking events and conferences. Organising an event yourself is an ideal way to secure a large volume of bookings from guests. If you have already monetised your skills online, this is a great way to maximise your ROIs from this audience. It is a particularly good idea during the quieter months of the year when you would usually have several rooms free. The guests will often spend a lot of money at your facilities too.

Alternatively, you could hire out a conference space to another company. A percentage of their guests will stay at your hotel.

Use All Available Channels

It’s likely that you already use multiple channels to gain bookings. Unless you are using them all, though, there is room for improvement. Metasearch engines, OTAs, your website, and social media channels will present many opportunities. However, you can also link with social media influencers to grow your reach. Dedicated influencer platforms can help you connect with great personalities. Gift them a trip and pay them a fee for promotion to gain maximum exposure and show the hotel from a visitor’s view.

As long as you team up with influencers that fit a similar profile to your target demographic, success is assured. It’s the perfect way to support your in-house efforts.

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