Turning Leads Into Sales

It’s one task to obtain the leads you need. It’s another responsibility entirely to turn those leads into sales. So, what are the important steps to take to turn those leads into the sales you need to meet your ultimate goals?

1. Follow Up

A lead is only as good as the follow up you provide. If you obtain your lead’s contact information, what good does that do if it sits around collecting virtual dust? Absolutely no good, and it certainly can’t result in a sale. How you do your first follow up is going to depend a lot on whether the lead is a warm or a cold lead. You’ll take your cue by knowing how much trust has been established, and the relative comfort of the lead in talking to you. Of course, you’ll need to move slower if it’s a cold lead, in order to establish that trust and rapport, before moving into the actual sales script or conversation.

2. Establishing Trust

How many times have you purchased something – a product or a service – from someone you didn’t have any familiarity with, or trust in? Probably very rarely, and for good reason! Trust is essential in sales, and clearly you cannot turn a lead into a sale without it. Establishing trust with your leads will smooth the path for an easier sale on down the road, and will result in a greater chance of repeat sales, thus increasing the lead’s lifetime income potential. Creating a relationship with your leads will enable them to part with their money far easier.

3. Asking for the Sale

The final part of turning a lead into a sale, is simply to ask for it! It sounds simple, of course, but this is the part of sales that most people have the greatest problem with. It’s as if we’ve been programmed to be ashamed to ask for money! And that’s silly, when you come right down to it. You are in the business to make money, and people will rarely hand that money over willingly. So, you must ask for the sale, with confidence and conviction! In conclusion, turning leads into sales is not as hard as it may seem. Having a solid product or service that you believe in is paramount, and when you believe in it, it becomes very easy to expect payment in exchange for it. So go out and get those leads, follow up and build trust with the individuals, and close that sale!

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