6 Ways To Use Your Expertise Profitably

You have been running your business for years or had a productive career in the B2B space. Perhaps you have been made redundant because the business you work for can no longer sustain themselves in the industry. You are at the stage where you want to empower others and the next generation of business leaders. Now is the time to capitalize on your expertise so that you can leave a legacy that will be felt for years to come. In this blog post, there are six opportunities that will empower you to digitalize your skills and experiences and have an opportunity to have a team of global experts working with you to acquire and/or retain high paying clients for your project, venture or client service online.

The Business-to-Business (B2B) solutions provide progress and opportunities. Services include virtual business sessions and an action plan for all solutions. In some instances inbound and outbound virtual marketing support is provided for achieving 6 or 7 figure incomes from high-paying business clients. Plus we will provide an automated online platform for managing client relationships and income opportunities. All online consulting sessions delivered by Lena Benjamin MBA. With digital services project managed with global experts. Lena has over 25 years of multifaceted startup and business experience across niches including and not limited to real estate, eCommerce, education and training, membership firms, and global corporate consultancy. Founder of empowerbusinessclub.com

5 Days To Consulting Online

Through your expertise, talents and/or passion, we establish your new online business with key clients that will empower a new virtual income stream. Sometimes you need someone to give you that AHA moment so that you can really capitalize on your talents or existing consultancy business that you are hoping to digitalize. This Internet Consultancy Solution will give you the time and space to give to a small selection of high paying clients so that you can achieve real work/life balance. Check out 5 Days To Consulting Online at https://5dco.empowerbusinessclub.com

Key Client Growth Success

As a client facing lead you are strategically focused on increasing revenue from an existing key client and improving productivity, plus overall engagement internally and externally. Or perhaps this key client has been harnessed by your fortitude and you now want to go out alone to really help them and you to achieve lifetime value. You have already helped them to achieve increased revenue and they are generating 5 figures a month. With the Key Client Growth Success Internet Consultancy Solution and a sustained effort this key client could generate you six-figures in recurring monthly income. Find out how at https://kcgs.empowerbusinessclub.com

6 Weeks To Startup Online

Let’s kickstart your business online in 6 weeks with dedicated online brainstorming/coaching sessions once a week for 6 weeks, documented action plan and marketing support to empower your six-figure income internet-based business. We will build and run inbound/outbound marketing campaigns to drive consistent sales revenue growth. Becoming your interim marketing team. Bookings are currently being taken at: https://6wos.empowerbusinessclub.com

Designing Your Online Course

Turning what you know into a profitable online course is genius. All we need to do is to have a couple of hours of your time during the Designing Your Online Course Internet Consultancy Solution to really unpick all the experience you have garnered so that by the end we have created a profitable online business for your existing client base or new clients that need your services to empower their business. Info: https://dyoc.empowerbusinessclub.com

Your Coaching Business Online

Become part of that market evolution by starting your own online coaching business. You have already harnessed years of business experience now why not package it up to empower multiple people at the same time, thereby increasing your ability to create multiple income streams. If you like the sound of this internet consultancy solution visit the booking page for more information at https://ycbo.empowerbusinessclub.com

Home Business Action Plan

Let’s face it you can work anywhere you can work from the comfort of your home with a laptop and internet connection. Here is where we can empower your ability to be able to have a detailed action plan so you can hit the ground running with your key clients. During this internet consultancy solution we would have identified the step-by-step tools and resources so that you achieve multiple income streams – https://hbap.empowerbusinessclub.com


The Internet Consultancy Solutions for remote business opportunities, empowers projects, ventures, businesses or client services online to help start and/or grow; to increase cash flow and opportunities for business growth whether you are an independent consultant, digital nomad or company director. Choose from 6 do-it-with you solutions, including Designing your online course and 5 days to consulting online with client acquisition support visit: www.empowerbusinessclub.com/solutions

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