Video Coaching Enables You to Connect Personally while Earning Passively

The first time that I recorded a video, I wasn’t all that happy. At least, I did not look happy. Deep down inside, I felt really good. However, the problem is there was such a strong disconnect between how I was feeling inside and the verbal and nonverbal signals I was giving out when I was shooting my video.

To make matters worse, I read through fifty minutes worth of materials until I realized that I looked like a stick in the mud. I had to eventually erase that video. Talk about a waste of time. Talk about a waste of effort. Talk about disappointment.

That sad episode really clued me in on the need to connect personally with my prospective audience. I made it my mantra to connect personally with people I am trying to reach. I’m not just saying this. I’m not just going through the motions. I’m not just telling you that I realized that connecting personally is important. I’ve gone beyond that.

When I look at myself in the mirror as I practice my video speech, I make sure that my body language, my facial expressions, the way I move my hands and my body as well as the speed of my speech all line up to provide the right message.

What is the right message? It’s all about openness, understanding and curiosity. In other words, you are the coach. You are the guru. You the teacher and you have to project all these positive emotions so your viewer will not only view you as authoritative and as somebody who knows what he or she is talking about, but would also view you as an ally.

That’s the kind of mindset you want them to develop. You want them to look at you as part of the solution instead of the problem. You want them to look at you as somebody who stands head and shoulders above everybody else.

While everybody else is talking the same way as your high school teacher or college professor, here you are talking like a flesh-and-blood human being. Who would you rather learn from? I thought so.

Video coaching is the key to connecting with people while earning money passively. I love this part because if you do a really good job expressing your personality and your willingness and eagerness to help people through your expert knowledge while at the same time recording that message, you are able to earn a passive income.

Think about it. You write the video script once. You shoot the video once. However, every single time somebody signs up for a membership on your video course website, that’s right. You earn money.

It’s not unusual for people to earn six figures off videos they recorded several years ago. Talk about passive income. You may be asleep or you are traveling all over the world, and the money keeps coming in. What’s not to love?

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