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If you are or aspire to be an accredited or sophisticated investor, you’ll want to invest in real estate in Paphos Cyprus now while it is being developed and before it becomes more expensive. Much like any investor you’ll want to access the Cyprus investment opportunities and if this is the case you’ll want to book a no-obligation virtual meeting with me, someone who has over 25 years of Cyprus experience plus over a decade of real estate agency, landlord, and global multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy experience, Plus I used to work for an electrical contractors’ membership firm so I know all about Part P. And of course our award-winning and well-established property developer connections in Cyprus are well-versed in the buildings and infrastructure sector.

Visit to find a day and time in my calendar for a mutually convenient meeting which can be done via Zoom or Google Meet. Always happy to source opportunities that will empower your wealth building, plus interior design and staging services with details at

More and more of the over 45 year olds are looking at cash flow from real estate investing and anyone of us will tell you that buying a place in the sun is a huge advantage. A client that runs a business and works on the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus is looking to invest for cashflow by targeting holiday makers through Airbnb. You’ll be aware that holiday lets command a lot more money on a per night basis than any other type of short-term let. And of course my client will have an asset that he can reduce his tax obligations on including zero inheritance tax. In the UK inheritance tax is 40%, lousy weather and not very hospitable people (I’m only joking!). However if you still want to have a presence in the UK you can of course get us to source a property that meets your requirements. As someone that was born and raised in a London borough, with 2 business degrees from London Universities with property related experience I’ll be exactly the person to give you the run down of investment opportunities particularly if you have at least £600,000 GBP or more to spend.

In terms of investing in Cyprus as a way to building your wealth, you’ll be pleased to note that I have family as permanent residents on the Island and also building connections there outside of real estate for business opportunities. Again you should secure a time for us to virtually meet via I can also go through the Investing for Access & Cashflow presentation which will only take 15minutes.

Not only are there tax reductions on your property investment but we can also arrange for citizenship by investment through buying a Cypriot property from just €300,000 EUR which will get you a luxury 3-bed apartment in Paphos. You don’t even have to spend all your time in Cyprus, you can buy purely for Cashflow as part of your wealth building and multiple streams of income. You must be on the Island once every 2 years even for one day to ensure you keep your citizenship. I mean having an asset in Cyprus is genius, because let’s face it if you live in a property and whether the bank owns it or not through a mortgage, it really is not an asset for you because you are spending money to live there as opposed to someone else paying you through rental income.

Plus if you are in the UK and have a property or work in the country having an investment property that is actually in the EU makes strategic sense particularly if you want to explore other jurisdictions in Africa, Asia or Europe.

Cyprus is hot for fund managers, shipping companies, tech and startup businesses, cryptocurrency, banking and finance, and plenty of other industries if you want to start or expand your business on the Island.

Here’s the Why Invest in Cyprus PDF brochure from the Government Promotional Agency

Sophisticated investors know the importance of mitigating taxes by not being domiciled in any one country, in fact the Ultra High Net Worth’s will be on a yacht free of taxes rather than their country of origin. However most of us want to be on land and you can buy an investment property in Cyprus to empower your lifestyle, build your income and achieve generational wealth.

What’s not to like about that. Let us help you with the sourcing of the ideal investment, interior design and management if you need it. Visit for more information about why you should invest in Cyprus plus videos to view.

We currently provide property services in Cyprus, Dubai, Malta, Portugal, London UK at and go to Global on the main menu for the country specific web pages with contact details and information.

To empower your real estate investing for cashflow join the club for Gold access at or Silver at Visit to leave a message or secure your episode interview on the Property Business Podcast. 

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