Which Investments Are Booming Right Now?

Looking for somewhere to invest your money in 2023? Below are 5 of the most secure and profitable options to consider right now.

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High-yield savings

Savings accounts have long been the most secure form of investment, however in recent years interest rates have been so low that they’re barely been worthwhile putting money into. This seems to have all changed this year – banks have been greatly increasing interest rates, leading to savings accounts with interest rates as high as 5%.

It’s predicted that some banks may raise interest rates to as high as 6% by the end of the year. Therefore, it’s worth putting your money into a high interest saver if you haven’t already. You can compare savings accounts from major banks online. 


A CD (certificate of deposit) is a saving account into which you can lock away some savings for a certain period. You cannot access them until the period is up, however in that time you will gain interest on them – more so that a savings account in most cases.

Many CDs currently being offered by banks have interest rates over 5% (some CDs even have an APY of over 7%). This could be a great secure way to build your savings. 

Tech stocks

Tech stocks were suffering in 2022, but future excitement over AI developments has caused tech shots to skyrocket in value this year. Microsoft, Alphabet Inc (Google), Apple, Meta (Facebook) and Nvidia are some of the stocks that have seen meteoric rises in value this year.

Will the bubble burst soon? Possibly, but it’s unlikely that it will be this year. As tech companies continue to unveil new AI features, 2023 will probably continue to be a good year for tech stocks. This could be something to consider if you’ve been thinking of investing in stocks this year. 

Private equity

Over the last five years, many of the top private equity stocks have outperformed the S&P 500. 2022 was a particularly good year for private equity, despite many predicting it to be a bad year.

So far private equity stocks seem to be performing well in 2023 too and this trend is expected to continue for the remainder of the year. Investing in such companies is clearly riskier than investing in public stocks, and much more risky than savings accounts and CDs. However, invest in the right company, and you could make a lot of money. 


Over the last three years, the price of gold has been steadily rising. Between November 2022 and February 2023 alone, Gold saw a 14% increase in value. Since then it has continued to rise.

The price of gold historically rises when interest rates are low. Now that banks are increasing interest rates, we could see gold prices potentially starting to fall very soon. Therefore, it’s possible that it may be too late to cash in on this boom. Nonetheless, gold is usually a good long-term investment, and therefore could still be a worthy addition to your portfolio.

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