Why Collect Chat

Collect.Chat is a platform that helps you create website chatbots with no code. Using simple drag and drop chatbot builder and integrating will take only minutes. Click to get started

Why Collect Chat

Available 24/7

Chat bots that will talk to your website visitors throughout the day. And the best part, they talk to everyone to collect thier details.

Insure your paid traffic

Capturing email addresses is essential when you pay for the traffic to your website. Collect Chat acts as the insurance policy for your paid traffic.

Make a chatbot in minutes

Nobody has made chatbot making easy as Collect Chat. Using the simple drag-and-drop approach you can design and script a chat bot in minutes.

Powerful data metrics

Collect Chat visually displays your data through in-depth analysis, you will understand the requirements of your customers and thus improve your service.

Copy-paste to install

To install Collect Chat on your website, all you have to do is copy and paste the snippet code. It is a one-time process.

Go take a nap

Making a chatbot via Collect Chat takes zero coding effort. Imagine the time you just saved. Make yourself comfortable while Collect Chat does all the work.


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