Why Networking is so Important: 5 Reasons Why!

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It does not matter if you are within a career or running a business, networking is essential to building business relationships. Now as a serial entrepreneur my past corporate experience empowered me to consult and network with other employees in order to develop those relationships and deliver an outstanding service. I’m not saying it was easy but persistence and tenacity saw me through!

Here are my 5 Reasons why networking is so important:

1. Builds Character

I have found that networking in a variety of different environments and for a number of well-known networks has built my character. I am now able to go up to anyone in a room and just have a chat while mentioning my business. This in itself has built my character into the confident and resilient character that I now see in the mirror. It can be daunting but actively going to as many networking events as I can enables me to learn more about myself. I see every event I go to as a continuing professional development pursuit.

2. Helps Refine Proposition

The more I speak to people at networking events the more I can use the experience as a focus group to further develop the services I offer to clients. All the services I offer, tap into over 15 years of professional business and entrepreneurial experience and the absolute necessity to advance women in order to sustain business in a more interconnected and global economy.

3. Increases Confidence

When building your character a direct cause and effect of this is an increase in confidence, you suddenly lose that nervousness and feel able to go up to absolutely anyone. I always think to myself that we are all humans and one human is not any more important than the other – we all have a contribution to make (this internal talk enables my confidence to increase and could do the same for you!)

4. Masters Business Pitch

Speaking to a number of people at networking events you can start to master your business pitch. I am now able to ask questions and unpick quickly what skills set I can talk about (if applicable) and convey that in 30 seconds, simply by networking and having a general interest in people and how I may be able to help.

5. Widens Circle of Influence

Due to the number of years I have been networking I now have a wide network. As you become more known you too will start to widen your circle of influence. You’ll be able to talk to anyone and feel confidence in who you are and how you can empower and have an impact. With the level of power you will gain, the influence will increase and the ripple effect felt.



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