Why You Should Create a Membership Site

If you’ve been thinking about creating a membership site, you should spend a little time defining just why you should create a membership site and what the benefits will be to you. 

Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits:

#1 Membership sites provide and easy way for you to interact with your users. If your goal is to build a closed community of people that are committed, this is by far the best way to accomplish this. Everyone involved has paid money to become involved so they tend to be more committed than those members associated with free communities or open communities.

#2 A membership site is easy to update. Sure, distributing your content or product in the form of an ebook isn’t as complicated, but it is much harder to keep current. Once you have put it together and it’s out there that’s pretty much what people get. After a few years, sometimes in a matter of a couple of months, the content is no longer relevant or even if it is relevant it becomes stale. With a membership site you can add, edit or even delete content just like you would with a blog.

#3 You can generate recurring income with your membership site. This is one of the most appealing aspects of a membership site. You can charge a monthly fee or an annual fee, or you can offer both. The more flexible you are the more members you’ll attract.

#4 You don’t need to have good design skills. If you are creating an ebook you need to have some great design skills. Some people attempt to do their ebooks in Powerpoint if they don’t have the necessary design skills ñ they quickly learn just how bad of an idea this is. Powerpoint is not designed for this type of project. When you have a membership site, except for your logo, you can do everything in a pre-made WordPress theme and keep the design minimal. For many that simple factor makes the membership site the best option.

#5 Your product will continue to evolve and become better over time. The more user interaction allowed the more valuable the information on your site will become and the more information that will actually be created.

This is just five reasons why you should create a membership site. There are certainly others. Why not give it a try now?

Check out the blog post Creating a Successful Membership Site at lenabenjamin.com/membership-website

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