Working with Big Brands and Empowering Millennial African Women

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She Leads Africa is a media company for millennial African women reaching over 500,000 women across 35+ countries and 5 continents working with big brands including Facebook, L’Oreal, Samsung, Google and Estee Lauder. Lena Benjamin, founder of EmpowerHER Global, a platform to progress women in business worldwide, talks to Afua Osei, co-founder of She Leads Africa for the EmpowerHER Global Podcast.

Afua’s EmpowerHER Global Podcast Questions:

  1. How did you close the deals to work with big technology brands like Google and Facebook?
  2. What are the expansion plans for She Leads Africa?
  3. Which countries in Africa are really seeing business growth for millennial female entrepreneurs / women in business?
  4. How did you grow SLA to now reach more than 500,000 women across 35+ countries and 5 continents?

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