Lena Benjamin is a renowned entrepreneur, thought leader, and captivating speaker. With over 25 years of experience in diverse industries, including real estate, eCommerce, professional training, events services and global consulting, she brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to the table. As a founder, keynote speaker, investor, and seasoned entrepreneur, Lena understands the challenges and opportunities businesses face today.

Launch, Grow, Thrive, Exit
From Launchpad to Legacy

We'll transform your idea - from sketch to success! Get expert guidance on building a winning plan, securing funding, and launching strong. Then, achieve laser-focused growth with data-driven strategies and maximize profits. Finally, unclog your sales pipeline with a proven system to attract and convert leads.

Launchpad Profits - Income Generating
Launchpad Profits

Take your brainchild from napkin sketch to profitable venture with our expert guidance on crafting winning business plans, securing funding, and launching with a bang

Smarter Growth - Business Growth
Smarter Growth

Stop spinning your wheels and achieve laser-focused growth with our data-driven strategies for optimizing operations, boosting efficiency, and maximizing ROI.

Pipeline Powerhouse - Business Development
Pipeline Powerhouse

Unclog your sales pipeline and watch leads flood in with our proven system for attracting, nurturing, and converting prospects. Plus opportunities to expand operations, raise funds and empower exit strategies.

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Lena's Entrepreneurial Journey: Key Milestones

Your panel discussion was so insightful. I think you might be right we’ll need to collaborate across country borders as we go further into the 21st century.

Audience Ticket Holder at Entrepreneur 2012

Lena is extremely wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in consulting.

T. Amin

I am excited as to the future impact on my business…

D. Miller

I am very pleased with the service Lena has provided – helping me set goals and achieving them.

Dr J. Coakes
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Approachable and highly intelligent, Lena proved to be excellent at seeking out opportunities to add value.

A. Wilson
Business Development

We are looking forward to great outcomes from Lena’s bespoke consultancy service

M. Mackey

I received glowing feedback from our senior personnel. I hope to work with Lena again on a speaking engagement or consultancy service.

S. Thorne
Head of Entrepreneurship

Lena provided an engaging talk on how to enable a customer-focused business

CEO & Founder

Lena did a wonderful job with member engagement and has put many fantastic initiatives in place.  She also helpfully contributed to my Financial Times Guide book

A Francke

Lena gave clear, concise information and was helpful and constructive.

CEO and Co-Founder

Lena is wonderful to work with and is engaging and thought-provoking. I highly recommend

J. Bly
Business Owner

Lena is fantastic, the sessions have been hugely beneficial to me – her clear thinking has really helped.


Lena is clearly passionate about improving overall business dynamics. Her talk inspired the students and the leadership team.

Careers Consultant

The speaking session was inspiring, engaging and empowering


Lena had already done her research and came with actionable recommendations and insights.

E. Dixon

Lena showed me how my new venture could be impactful and also earn recurring money

J. Coates, M.A
Educater & Coach

Lots of hot tips to build upon existing business relationships to establish new opportunities.

CEO & Founder

Lena’s commitment is unwavering. She’s already helped me focus to grow my business and put some of my business challenges into perspective.

K. Khoza

Lena enabled me to think strategically which was of definite value.

R. Taylor

Lena developed structured sessions for my professional development and focused my business acumen.

H. McCarthy

Extremely helpful and relevant, felt that we were listened to and advised in a way we could work with.

Suzie and Tatiana
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Empower Business Club

Grow digitally, unlock new income streams with digital products and services, and collaborate for multiplied profits.

Empower Business

Turn your startup idea into a successful exit. We offer digital tools and strategies to guide you from launch to growth.


Navigate the complexities of expansion into Africa and Asia, two of the world’s fastest-growing regions, with AI-powered insights and expert guidance.

Veronchie Villas - Co-invest

Bring to life a stunning luxury villa designed for short-term lets, catering to discerning business and leisure travelers.

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Empower Business Club
Empower Business
Veronchie Villas - Co-invest
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Elevate your next dinner or conference with Lena, inspiring C-level leaders and SMEs.

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Engage Lena for insightful training on business growth and revenue-boosting strategies.

Expert Insights

Spark impactful discussions at your summit or conference with Lena's 25+ years of expertise.

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