“Hi I’m Lena Benjamin with over 25 years of multifaceted startup and business experience across niches including and not limited to real estate, eCommerce, education and training , membership firms, and global corporate consultancy. I’m a founder, keynote speaker, investor and entrepreneur. I enjoy travelling around the world and have visited over 30 cities globally including New York City, Washington DC, Santorini, Cyprus, Milan, Paris, Grand Cayman and Chicago. On this website there are numerous ways we can work together so that we can empower business income opportunities for you by working with other global experts.” 

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What's Been Said...

Lena gave clear, concise information and was helpful and constructive.

CEO and Co-Founder

Lena provided an engaging talk on how to enable a customer-focused business


Lena’s commitment is unwavering. She’s already helped me focus to grow my business and put some of my business challenges into perspective.

K. Khoza
Known Associates
South Africa

Lena is wonderful to work with and is engaging and thought-provoking. I highly recommend

J. Bly
Business Owner

Lots of hot tips to build upon existing business relationships to establish new opportunities.

CEO & Founder

The brainstorm session gave me a ton of ideas, resources and leads. Lena showed me how I could present my new venture to be impactful and also earn money on a recurring basis

J. Coates, M.A
Educater & Coach
USA, Ohio

The speaking session was inspiring, engaging and empowering


I have found coaching extremely useful in both helping me set goals and achieving them. I am very pleased with the service Lena has provided.

Dr J. Coakes
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Your panel discussion was so insightful. I think you might be right we’ll need to collaborate across country borders as we go further into the 21st century.


Lena is clearly passionate about improving overall business dynamics. Her talk inspired the students and the leadership team.

University College London
Careers Consultant

Extremely helpful and relevant, felt that we were listened to and advised in a way we could work with.

Suzie and Tatiana

Approachable and highly intelligent, Lena proved to be an excellent communicator and coach, seeking out opportunities to add value.

A. Wilson
Business Development
United Kingdom

Lena is extremely wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in coaching and consulting.

T. Amin
Premium Local Advertising
United States of America

Lena developed structured sessions for my professional development and focused my business acumen.

H. McCarthy
Studio Vision Design

Lena is fantastic, the sessions have been hugely beneficial to me – her clear thinking has really helped.


Thank you for the phone session we had today. It was very inspiring and I am excited as to the future of our relationship and the impact on my business

D. Miller
Purpose Care Services

We are looking forward to great outcomes from Lena’s bespoke consultancy service

M. Mackey
IT Partner
United States of America

I received glowing feedback from our senior personnel. I hope to work with Lena again on a speaking engagement or consultancy service.

S. Thorne
Head of Entrepreneurship

Lena enabled me to think strategically which was of definite value.

R. Taylor
CLOS Consultancy
United Kingdom

Before the first coaching session, it was obvious that Lena had already done her research and came with actionable recommendations and insights.

E. Dixon
Some Speaking Engagements
Highlighted Digital Products grows internet-based ventures, projects, businesses and client services through online assets, tools, resources, benefits and virtual consultancy solutions. Founded by Lena Benjamin, an online platform creator since 2002 and business advisor with 25+ years experience. Working with  global experts.

We work to empower business professionals including consultants, educators, specialists, advisors to achieve six-figure incomes online by using their expertise, knowledge and talent for action & progress 

Real Estate Investors Club is an online community and digital assets where you can learn how to build cashflow from real estate assets. For new and existing real estate investors alike. Founded by Lena Benjamin with over 10 years of real estate agency, landlord, and global multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy experience.

You’ll have instant access to digital assets including selling tips, how to negotiate effectively, house flipping software, discounts etc. Build wealth opportunities with real estate and join the community 

Professional Consultancy Services

The Internet Solutions to empower a project, venture, business or client services online to help grow; increase cash flow and opportunities for business growth whether you are an independent consultant, digital nomad or company director. You’ll receive virtual sessions, online platform & support. Choose from 5 Days to Consulting Online , 6 Week Online Startup or Key Client Growth Success.

The Property Solutions maximise ROI with Interior Design, to increase the value of a property before sale or for much needed renovation. We offer Staging Services to developers and home owners to empower the selling process. With London Property Sourcing to purchase a negotiated off-market investment or home for increased equity. Plus global properties at

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Other Credentials

PRESENT & PAST HUSTLES: ✅ Online Memberships: & ✅ Private Tutor in City of Westminster including Belgravia Primary School Clerk ✅ Landlord in London & Kent UK ✅ Website Owner ✅ Estate Agent (Sales & Lettings). INDUSTRIES:  ✅ Global Consultancy – Scott Wilson PLC (Buildings & Infrastructure) ✅ Retail – Threshers Wine Merchant, Selfridges & Mont Blanc etc ✅ Charity -. School-Home Support & Springboard Bromley ✅ Real Estate – The Acorn Group & etc ✅ Property Management – Former Landlord in London & Kent ✅ UK Trade Membership – Electrical Contractors’ Association etc ✅ Internet – (Online bookseller in 2002) etc. SPOKEN FOR: Entrepreneurs 2012 ✅ City Business Library  ✅ Association of MBAs  ✅ Escape the City ✅ UCL et al. VOLUNTEER: London Chair of WiM  ✅ School Governor  ✅ Trustee for Housing Charity. LONDON BUSINESS DEGREES: 🎓 MBA • 2010 🎓 BA Hons • 1999

Free Virtual Consultation

Get a free gift & bonus for taking action. Enter your email below and schedule a discovery.