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EmpowerHER Global Strategic Advisor – Emily Rasowsky

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“Our vision is to empower the action and progress of women in business worldwide using an online platform packed with strategic ‘actionable’ advice, content and peer-to-peer support.”  –

Emily Rasowsky is an award winning presenter, marketing strategist and trainer. As the Founder of All Women in Tech, company behind the Women in Tech Campaign and as Director of Marketing and Communications for the Washington DC Economic Partnership, Emily brings experience running national and international integrated marketing and communications campaigns for an array of Fortune 100 clients, non-profits and government agencies in the tech, education, healthcare and entertainment sectors. Examples of her work include running the WeDC Campaign at SXSW, one of DC’s most successful business attraction campaigns to date, which resulted in WeDC being the most successful digital campaign at SXSW (outperforming the likes of Google, Snapchat, Essurance and others) and the most sold out concert SXSW has ever seen. She has also lead campaigns for groups like NASA and Booz Allen Hamilton.

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Emily was recently named an Emerging Leader of the Year by Washington Women in PR, Power 40 women in tech, and a 500 hour certified yoga instructor.

Strategic area of Expertise: Marketing.

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