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EmpowerHER Global Strategic Advisor – Janice Montana

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“Our vision is to empower the action and progress of women in business worldwide using an online platform packed with strategic ‘actionable’ advice, content and peer-to-peer support.”  –

An experienced general management and business development executive with an exceptionally strong track record in developing strategic plans, reorganizing complex businesses and building revenues, Ms. Janice Montana has been a standout leader and contributor throughout her career.

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Her background is replete with personal achievements in development of bold strategic plans, raising capital, spearheading business development initiatives, turning around struggling operations, leading organizations through significant change and consistently delivering higher-than-expected returns for shareholders.

Skilled at managing through complex business challenges, Ms. Montana is an experienced leader with imagination, courage and obvious determination. She recognizes issues vital to organizational success and focuses her team on overcoming obstacles standing in the way. Her leadership and management abilities are further complemented by exceptionally strong negotiating skills and a talent for leveraging creative thought into business plans and projects.

Overall, Ms. Montana has a combination of analytical and financial skills balanced with frontline business development, marketing and general management experience. This makes her the near definition of a complete executive: the ability to formulate business and financial plans for the long-term while having the management talent, skills and experience to execute aggressive actions to reach near term revenue and profit goals.

Ms. Montana received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BSBA) from Trinity Southern University. A confident public speaker & media spokesperson. She speaks fluent French, German and Italian.

Strategic Areas of Expertise: Finance, Strategy, Growth & Leadership.

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