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EmpowerHER Global Strategic Advisor – Jerry Strub

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“Our vision is to empower the action and progress of women in business worldwide using an online platform packed with strategic ‘actionable’ advice, content and peer-to-peer support.”  –

Sales Executive, Consultant & Board Member with a strong record for identifying, developing and driving B2B growth strategies in the US, China, Taiwan and India.

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Global – Experienced in identifying and developing growth strategies in China, India and Taiwan including leveraging the differences in business culture, business development lifecycles and negotiations compared to western business practices.

Market Strategy – Extensive experience at applying customer-centric marketing principles to target growth including market research, competitor analysis, market segmentation, strategic choices, branding and development of vision, strategies and tactics.

Sales & Sales Management – Long history of exceeding sales targets as an individual and sales director. Successful experience developing sales personnel through training and implementation of sales process and forecasting methodologies, setting and measuring key metrics and sales incentive programs.

Mergers & Acquisitions – Led or participated in over a dozen international and domestic M&A teams over 25 years ranging from $1 million to over $100 million in size. Roles included target screening, due diligence, negotiations and post-acquisition integration.

Leadership – Experienced in both direct and influential leadership roles. Natural leadership skills to build high performance teams, create a shared vision and motivate them for top performance. Leads teams of executive, technical, operational and business development members in a collaborative approach to growth initiatives. Leadership mentor in the United States, China, Taiwan and India.

P&L – Operational General Management experience enables the strategic incorporation of operational performance improvement and financial tactics resulting in profitable growth.

Strategic areas of Expertise: Business Development, Marketing, Strategy

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