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Julia Rose, founder and CEO at Kalikha Inc, an innovative women’s health tech business creating its first product the VaGenie, a pelvic muscle training and fertility tracking solution that is transforming the $200B pelvic floor health market by gamifying one of the most important exercises a woman can do for herself, Kegels.

Julia based in Los Angeles, USA is a former marketing consultant and high-end events specialist, a working actress having been in a number of well-known movies and TV shows. Julia is degree educated and fluent in French. Starting Kalikha with its prototyped VaGenie product coming into effect following on from personal experiences of postpartum care in France versus the USA. Julia had arrived back from her trips to France and London and was back in LA at the time of this podcast recording with Lena Benjamin, host of the EmpowerHER Global Podcast

EmpowerHER Global Podcast – Episode 20

Lena’s commentary: The VaGenie is this new and innovative women’s health tech product and app that should be the number one push gift and must-have product in North America, Europe and Asia by the end of 2025. Women focused on tightening their vaginas for increased sexual pleasure after giving birth and apparently so their organs don’t slip through their hooha! We don’t need to sell it to you, you should reserve now or buy once available. The VaGenie is not only for women after giving birth vaginally, it is for ALL women that want to keep fit for longevity, working on the inner muscles including the vagina!

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Some questions asked

1️⃣ What is the VaGenie?

2️⃣ Why is it important for women’s inner (vagina) strength?

3️⃣ Are there additional female health products you and the team are inventing?

Julia’s business asks:

VC’s and Angel Investors focused on capitalising on women’s health and pelvic floor market valued at $200bn worldwide. Contact Julia Rose or visit AngelList.

Recruiting team members seasoned on bringing consumer products to market for financial success, empowered by improving women’s health for the betterment of humanity get in touch

Women focused on empowering their health for inner strength – with no leaking, free from lower back pain, strenthened pelvic organs and increased sexual response and pleasure. Reserve your VaGenie.

Call to action information

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