Making Your Zoom Events More Engaging

It is very important that you make your Zoom events as engaging as possible. This will really help to keep your audience focused on your event and stop them from either losing interest or worse still leaving the event.

There are lots of ways that you can increase the engagement of your Zoom meetings and webinars. In this article we will cover the most widely used methods that are proven to be effective.

We would always recommend that you plan and test your important Zoom meetings and your webinars. People will be able to detect that you are disorganized very quickly and they will not be impressed with this and are likely to switch off. Remember that you will probably be battling against your audience checking their phones and doing other things rather than concentrating on what you have to say.

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Use Screen Sharing in your Events
It is best to break up your Zoom event with some screen sharing sessions rather than just have you on video talking. You can share your screen to show presentation slides to get your points across and also show your audience how to achieve something using web pages or applications.
Sharing your screen is a very easy thing to do and you can even pause it while you are getting something else ready so your audience doesn’t see you fumbling around on your computer. Have web pages and applications already open as there is nothing more boring for your audience than watching things load on your computer.

Make use of the Annotation Tools
Zoom provides some great annotation tools so that you can add comments, drawings, arrows, underlines and other things to your screen. This is a great way to break up boring presentation slides and you can even annotate web pages and anything else that is appearing on your computer screen.
Practice using the annotation tools before your event. You are going to lose your audience if you have to spend time figuring out how to make annotations. Although the annotation tools are pretty simple and intuitive it is always good to learn how to use them first.

The Zoom Whiteboard
Using the Zoom whiteboard is another good way to increase engagement. You can ask your audience for ideas about something and then add these to the whiteboard for all to see. It is possible to set your meeting up so that the participants can add to the whiteboard as well.
Again you need to learn how to use the whiteboard feature properly before your meeting or webinar. It is going to look very unprofessional if you launch the whiteboard and have no clue how to use it.

Questions and Answers
Something that we always recommend you have in your webinars is a question and answer session. You can use this in group meetings as well. It is possible for you to allow participants to just ask their questions or type them using the chat facility.

If you have a large audience then the chat facility is the best option. The questions are stored so that you can address them at the end if you want. It is also possible for you to ask all of your participants a question using chat. You can reward the fastest or best answer for example to encourage participation.

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