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Buying off-market London real estate, creating profits, changing landscape in London UK. London Profitable Properties and networking is the theme for the next event in London Victoria on Thursday 28 July, 4-6pm. And more business is conducted on the golf course than in the boardroom. Plus an opportunity to download your free copy of 100 Golf Playing Tips.

This is Lena Benjamin, host on the Property Business Club, I’m here to empower your lifestyle with real assets and solutions. With more than 25 years of business experience, over a decade of real estate expertise which includes estate agency, hands-on landlord and global engineering consultancy. Visit the links to book a free consultation, to join the Real Estate Investors Club and to see the properties for sale.

As someone that was born in the London borough of Bromley in 1975; visited, worked in and/or done business in most of the 32 London boroughs and the City of London (find out more at I’ve noticed a big change in the capital. For those of you old enough which looks like that is nearly half of the listeners on Spotify not sure about Apple Podcasts and the rest of the podcast platforms but London was booming in the 90s, the high streets were buzzing and people were making lots of money and the currency was doing well and it at least was backed by Gold. 

Now one-by-one the high-end luxury real estate department stores are being sold. I don’t know about you but I just found out about Selfridges at a rooftop bar in London last week when networking. I like a rooftop bar networking particularly when there’s hot weather. If you haven’t been to Chicago in the summer I highly recommend going to the networking events organised at rooftop bars. 

Anyway back to Selfridges – sold – what! as I said in a previous podcast possibly episode 42, when I was working in the department store in the 90s while studying for an undergraduate business studies degree at London South Bank University. Selfridges was bustling, no social media and high net worth individuals shopping themselves and spending a lot of money. Industries were booming and sterling was at an all time high. 

Don’t get me wrong there are new opportunities particularly when buying off-market London real estate. Discovering below-market-value properties to add value to and creating profits. The London Off-Market Property Sourcing offered via is an opportunity to find properties below-market-value directly with motivated property owners. This is when investors will reap the benefit of deals not on the market. The properties would already have positive equity from the negotiation we do on behalf of investors and can be refinanced to extract the money that exists in the deal to use again or develop the property for increased value. The off-market approach in London is where the unique deals are created and capitalised on.

London Profitable Properties and networking is the theme for the next event in London Victoria on Thursday 28 July, 4-6pm. Visit the event web pages or to secure your place or places.

I was in the London Victoria area on 4 July near Buckingham Palace to talk to the venue and to encourage their private members and patrons to attend particularly those visiting London that are looking for real estate deals and opportunities. At the event we will be networking and identifying hotspots for the next investment or home in the capital and its 32 London boroughs and the City of London. London is now full of tourists following on from the pandemic, I heard lots of American accents which I thought was weird since it was Independence Day. For those that may not know it is when America became independent from being colonised and under the then British Empire and now celebrates this day on the forth of July.

I’ve actually been to a 4th July celebration in Chicago at a really impressive Condominium with a rooftop in-door swimming pool overlooking Navy Pier. I tell you when I travel particularly solo I get to meet just great people. Not sure I’ll be back to America but I’m looking forward to my next travels probably to one of the global countries or cities at

If there are any expats or foreign investors in the capital or coming into the capital from Chicago or on the east coast join us at the London Profitable Properties event – email for the booking information. Would be great to talk business and property opportunities.

I know that there are many high net worths, company directors, and lifestyle enthusiasts that look for ways to save money but also spend money to save their time to make more money down the line. This is where Real Estate Investors Club comes into play, joining is an opportunity to network and empower cashflow from real estate assets, increasing equity and generational wealth. Learn more at

There are many life lessons that can be transferred from the game of golf to the game of life. Perhaps for this reason golf has been the most popular sport among business and professional people for many years. More business is conducted on the golf course than in the boardroom. Many people around the world – not just businesspeople but those in every walk of life – are interested in learning how to play golf or how to improve their game. “100 Golf Playing Tips” is a great place to get started. Full of practical information for beginners and advanced players, this e-book provides simple, clear lessons that you’ll need to know to improve your game.

You can download your free copy of 100 Golf Playing Tips at You’ll also see that you can click on a link on that page so you can view the Golf Villas we are marketing on-behalf of a renowned property developer in Cyprus that covers the Greek part of Limassol, Paphos, Nicosia the capital and other parts. The Golf villas are on one of the finest golf courses called Venus Rock Golf Resort in between Limassol and Paphos actually near MyMall for those familiar like myself with Cyprus. 

The golf resort, where the investment and/or holiday/vacation villas have been built, is a Fully-functional 18-hole signature championship golf course. Includes a 300 meter driving range with grass tees, covered bays, practice greens, full-size bunkers, golf simulator. There’s a Clubhouse with restaurant, conference facilities, washing and change room facilities. Fully stocked pro shop with staff. Visitor’s locker rooms. Cobra rental clubs. Trolleys and buggies for hire. Full-time PGA Teaching Professional and Junior Golf Academy. 

The golf villas range from just €344,000 + VAT which would get you and your family permanent residence or a cash flowing golf experience property investment. Interested? there is a WhatsApp link in this podcast show notes as well as other links to commission the services including Interior Design involving conceptual, layout, project plan and periodic reviews. Or visit

I’m Lena Benjamin, your host on the Property Business Podcast I’m here to empower your lifestyle with real assets and solutions. Visit to learn more.

I’ll leave you with these lyrics from Koryn Hawthorne – Unstoppable – quote: “Cause I’m unstoppable, ain’t no hoping and wishing. Say a prayer, catch a wave then go out and get it. Cause I can be what I want, try it if I want.” end quote – how about you?

Thanks for listening hear from you soon. All links in this podcasts show notes.

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