Working Parents Juggle Life With New Software

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Lena Benjamin, Founder of EmpowerHER Global, action and progress for women in business, interviews Amy Rosenow, CEO, and Co-Founder of Jugl LLC, located in Chicago IL USA. Jugl LLC, a software company focused on making it easier to be a working parent. Subscribe for Progress.

Before founding Jugl, Amy served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Sheffield Asset Management, L.L.C., a Chicago-based investment management firm.  She began her career on Wall Street, working for Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Bear Stearns.  Amy graduated from Cornell University. Amy has a husband, two daughters and a dog to juggle!

Questions asked of Amy in the EmpowerHER Global Podcast Interview

  1. How does Jugl utilize technology to help working parents to juggle busy schedules?
  2. How are you going about establishing connections with your target market in order to test the App?
  3. Why would you recommend an accelerator program for a tech startup?

Useful Information for the Action & Progress of Women in Business

Hear the interview with Amy and discover how Jugl empower working parents

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