5 Smart Ways To Repurpose Your Content

With content marketing and inbound sales, you create a lot of content on a regular basis. Make sure you get the most out of every article, blog post, email, and short report you write, by repurposing it. Don’t be afraid to repurpose it multiple times to make the most of it. Here are five different ideas to help you get started. Give them a try and use them as a springboard to come up with more repurposing ideas.

Take Snippets For Social Sharing

One of the quickest and easiest things you can do is take your articles and blog posts and find one little snippet that lends itself to sharing on social media. Copy and paste it and use it in your tweets and Facebook posts. Make a list of these little snippets and the links to the full articles and schedule them to go out regularly via your favorite social media channels. You can even automate this process with social media scheduling software.

Use It In Your Emails

Next take a portion of your content, or even the entire piece and use it in your emails. Sharing helpful content is a good way to build trust with your readers. You can share an excerpt and link to the full blog post, share the entire post with just a little greeting and closing, or add the article to a weekly newsletter.

Email is a great way to build engagement with your readers and keep bringing them back to your site. Repurposing your content allows you to do this more regularly.

Create New Products and Lead Magnets From Your Content

A big part of content creation revolves around creating lead magnets to help you build your list and info products that you can sell to your customers. Repurpose your content to help you get a head start on creating either.

If you plan ahead, you can even create your blog content around a topic you know you need for your products or lead magnets. Let’s say you know you want a new short report on how to set up your first email list. Start by writing a series of blog posts on the topic, and copy and paste them into a word document as you go along. Add to the doc, write an intro, closing, and the likes and your short report is mostly done by the time you’re done blogging.

Change The Format

Not everyone likes to consume information in the same way. Some people enjoy reading blog posts, others prefer a pdf they can download and read offline or print out. Some people are auditory or visual learners and prefer to listen to podcasts or watch videos.

Repurpose your content by changing the format and cater to all your readers. Turn a series of blog posts into a printable pdf. Take the main talking points from your articles and blog posts and turn them into slides for an easy video presentation, or use them as talking points on your podcast. You could even hire someone to narrate your blog posts for you and include the audio files in your posts.

Let Your JV Partners and Affiliates Use It

Last but not least, take some of your content and share it with your JV partners and affiliates. Allow them to repost the articles and blog posts with their affiliate links to your products.

You can do the same with your short reports and lead magnets. Hand them the word document files, or brand them with their information and links and let them share the pdfs. It will help them make more sales for you while getting your carefully crafted content in front of more people.

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