Handy Hints for Selling Your Office Space

If you have plans to move out of your current business area and you want to sell the office space that you have, it can help you to have somebody on your side to do that. There is no perfect way to sell a commercial property but you can take several steps to ensure that the sale goes through without a hitch. 

It does take time to figure it all out so that the property sale goes through without an issue, and if you have property management companies working with you you should be able to use them to help you to sell it. Being in a position where you are able to sell your business property and move forward is really going to help you if you are looking to expand your business. Selling your existing office and buying you property is a big adventure, and we’ve got several steps you should take to make sure that your sale goes through without any errors.

  • Understand who your buyers are. You may have realized through the pandemic that people are selling their offices at record rates as people work more from home. We are managing to cultivate a culture of remote working which is helping everybody to achieve more of a working and life balance. If that’s the reason you are selling your office property, it’s understandable that it may feel like a big worry that it will never come off the market. However, just because some businesses are now selling up and moving to a remote office layout, it doesn’t mean that every business is doing the same. There will still be plenty of people out there who are looking to keep their businesses in offices and they will be looking to buy. If you can figure out who your audience is, you will be able to appeal to them at the highest level.
  • Make sure that you invest in a good photographer. This is the time where you want to showcase your office property and you want to showcase it at its best. Don’t skimp on photography during the sales process because photographs are the first thing that prospective buyers are going to judge your property on. They can actually make or break a sale, so focus on making your property as appealing as possible. When you bring in high quality photographers, you could show off the interiors and the exteriors of the office and really put it in an excellent light ready for selling.
  • Create urgency. While you are looking to sell your office you need to make it so that people really want to buy it. You don’t want your property to sit on the market for months, I want a way to speed up that process to create that sense of agency around the sale. Set yourself a fixed timeline and make it so that your property stands out. Increase the competition and urgency and offer a huge discount when you can afford it. This will help to offload the property within a month or so.
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