How Companies Can Boost Employment Retention

There are plenty of things that’ll help a company to reach its highest potential. But the most important element will be the staff. If you have a team of engaged, talented employees, then it’ll be much easier for the business to achieve its goals. Alas, this is something that many companies struggle with. They might have some great employees for a little while but then find that their staff are continually leaving for new jobs. And this can have an impact on company morale, company, and costs — it’s expensive to hire and train a new employee, after all.

In this blog, we’re going to run through some useful tips for companies that’ll help to keep their employees on board.

Improve Your Hiring Process

Your employees would be much less likely to leave your business if they were the right employee to begin with. When it comes to making a hiring selection, be sure to look beyond the resume, past experience, and so forth, and focus on whether they’re the right cultural fit for your business. If they’re not, then they’ll probably be more likely to call it quits after a few months.

Positive Feedback

Wouldn’t you be more likely to stay at a company if it felt like you were a valuable member of the team? All too often, companies treat their employees like robots. But they are, of course, real human beings who want to feel like they’re an important member of the team. Positive reinforcement can be a powerful — and free — tool that companies use. Of course, it has to be genuine. It’s just about making sure that your staff know that they’ve done a good job — and that you value them — at the appropriate time. 

A Sense of Togetherness

Studies have shown that people are much more likely to stay with a company if they feel like they have friends at work. As such, it’s a good idea to create a framework that allows people to get to know one another. You could host after-work drinks or organize team-building activities. Setting up a slack channel so that people can easily talk to one another is also a good idea. Also, be sure to fully embrace new arrivals into the office. They should feel like part of the team from the very first moment. 

More Benefits

Your employees will care most about how much they’re earning. However, in this day and age, employees are increasingly asking for more than just their salary. Your staff members will be more likely to stick with you if they’re given benefits. Could you offer more vacation time or health insurance, and other benefits? It’ll be best to create these benefits with your HR team, and also remember that you will need to create compliant ERISA wrap documents to stay on the right side of the law. Once you’ve installed these benefits, you’ll find that staff happiness and commitment increase. 

Invest In Your Workplace

Recent studies have shown that our working environment has a big impact on our happiness and productivity at work. As such, it’s worthwhile taking a look at your office and making sure that it’s as good as it could be. Many people want to go and work in Silicon Valley in part because of the cool offices they have there. Yours might not hit that level, but there’ll surely be some improvements that you can make. Even adding some plants, adding some art, and creating a relaxation zone can do wonders.

Employee Development

If you’ve hired correctly, then your team should be talented, enthusiastic, and ambitious. You’ll be happy to make the most of their talent and enthusiasm, but are you able to offer the level of ambition that they’re looking for? If you’re not working on employee development plans and offering a path towards promotions, then you’ll run the risk of them moving to a company that can match their ambition. The employee should feel that their professional goals and ambitions can be realized with your company.

Flexible Working Conditions

Finally, the big perk that workers are increasingly demanding: flexible working. It’s obvious to many that the usual 9 – 5 office routine has had its day. Can you make it so that your employees can work some of the week at home, some of the week at the office? Flexible start and finish times can also help to increase engagement and productivity too. It’s all about getting the most from your employee’s talents — and ensuring that they’re happy.

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