How Technology Is Making The World Smaller And What Is Next

There was a time where what was happening in the UK felt like a different world to that of the USA or Australia. Countries were so far apart in connectivity, distance, and time zones that the reality they felt like they were separate unconnected entities entirely. That said with the evolution of technology and the expansion of the internet the world has become closer, the vast caverns between countries seem to have shrunk and people have become more connected. Here are some ways in which the world has become closer together as a result of the ever-evolving digital and technological marketplace. 


Communication with another country used to be via written mail or a precarious dial-up connection. Nowadays you can have friends and family based thousands of miles away but sit in your What’s app group in your pocket.  You can reach them instantaneously. Better yet, you can get a response instantaneously or even can see them when you make a video call via Facetime. 

Companies are taking advantage of cloud-based tech to implement remote working and distributed teams who can work and communicate using these tools. For PM and SCRUM activity, software such as Teamhood is becoming very popular with teams looking to increase efficiencies.  

It is not just personal communication that has bought us closer together but advancement in technology has made professional lives easier too. Working with countries across the world has never been easier and the requirement to travel has never been so diminished.  Thanks to software such as Zoom and Teams international meetings and conferences can be held with participants all over the world but from the comfort of your own home or office. Organizations of every size and structure across a wide range of industries have benefitted from the connectivity provided by technology. Click Here to discover how the medical profession can use technology integrations to work seamlessly even when away from the office. The international marketplace has never been so well connected and the business opportunities are limitless. 


Calling all sports fans. There was a time when you would have to catch up with the latest sports scores by reading the paper or catching the Sunday bulletin. While those days are long gone so are the days of missing any of your favorite games due to access. OTT streaming has enabled broadcasters to broadcasts their channels to millions around the globe. By way of example, if you are an LMB Baseball fan you can now watch it on Jordon.TV whether you are sat in Mexico or Madrid thanks to the evolution of OTT streaming. Whatever your sport of choice in whatever country, chances are you will be able to find access to it, however remotely you are based. 

Of course, this isn’t limited to sports fans. OTT streaming benefits all interests all over the world. You can stay up to date with news headlines from any country you wish, you can watch the latest episode of your favorite international series from thousands of miles away or you can even catch the latest blockbuster release if it is available for streaming. Gone are the days where you have to wait for them to access in your country. 

So what’s next?

If you think you can’t get any more connected or any more instantaneous? Think again. The world of technology currently has one word capturing headlines at the moment and that is Metaverse. Facebook’s brainchild Mark Zuckerburg is working on launching an augmented reality whereby users ‘live’ with a virtual universe enabling users to play and stay connected as digital avatars attending conferences and concerts across the globe via their virtual reality set. All aspects of life are set to be recreated in Metaverse from spending power to the way you look. It is thought to be some ten years away from fruition as yet but you can guarantee it will be game-changing, watch this space. 

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