How To Design The Ultimate Office Breakroom

Your breakroom shouldn’t be an afterthought. A well-designed breakroom can provide a space for employees to relax and socialize while not working, which in turn can improve team camaraderie and morale. The best designed breakrooms can even inspire creativity and boost productivity. Below are just a few tips on how to design the ultimate break room.

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Invest in high quality furniture

Don’t settle for a couple cheap plastic chairs. The best workplace breakrooms contain couches and armchairs that encourage employees to relax (some even have massage chairs!). It could also be worth adding coffee tables for people to place drinks or food. Some companies prefer to add a single large table in a breakroom so that the room can also serve as a conference room, however having multiple tables could mean that employees don’t have to sit together on their break. 

Buy a top quality coffee machine

Treat your employees to some good quality coffee by investing in a premium coffee machine. This should ideally be something that’s easy to use while also satisfying the tastebuds of any coffee connoisseurs that may work at your company. Self-service touchscreen automatic coffee machines are a popular choice – they’re easy to use and many can produce coffee that’s high quality enough to match that made by a barista. On top of buying a top quality coffee machine, make sure that you have the right coffee tools and accessories, as well as top quality coffee beans/pods. You can read reviews of coffee machines online. 

Supply some snacks

On top of coffee, it’s worth providing some other drinks and snacks. These could include juices which can be kept in a refrigerator and various dry snacks that could be kept on a table. Ideally, you should avoid providing too many unhealthy junk foods – nutrient-dense foods aren’t just better for employees’ bodies but also their minds. This post details some healthy snacks that could be worth supplying in your office. Make sure that these snacks are regularly topped up and that out of date snacks are thrown away.

Set up some quiet spaces

While some people may want to spend their break talking to colleagues, others may want some quiet time. This is why you may want to avoid placing all your chairs around a single table – having multiple tables arranged around the room can allow people to distance themselves from colleagues if they’d prefer some time to meditate, take private calls or catch up on work. You could even create a social zone and quiet area. These could be separated with a screen or placed in different rooms (if you have another room to use as a breakroom).

Spruce up the space with some plants

Plants have been scientifically proven to reduce stress. They can provide a connection to nature and the outside world, which can help people to get out of ‘work mode’. Plants also have other benefits such as helping to purify the air and boost concentration. There are many different types of plants that you can choose from. This article lists a few low maintenance plants that are great for offices. 

Let in some natural light

Think twice about putting your breakroom in a windowless room. Choosing a room with lots of windows will help to cheer people up on their break by allowing natural light to pour in. Natural light is also important if you want to place plants in your breakroom (although you can use artificial plants – which are also lower maintenance, but don’t have many of the same health benefits). You can maximize the amount of natural light in your breakroom by adding mirrors and avoiding window obstructions. 

Provide some entertainment

Adding some entertainment to your breakroom could encourage employees to relax. Certain forms of entertainment could also help bring colleagues together and even inspire creativity through problem solving and exposure to new ideas. Some office break rooms contain ping pong tables, pool tables or air hockey tables. If you don’t have the space or money for these games, consider instead supplying some cards or board games on tables. Adding a TV to your breakroom and keeping it turned on could provide some background entertainment. You could even add a console so that employees can play video games. However, if your employees are staring at screens all day, it may actually be better to do away with TVs and consoles – keeping a radio on could be better for filling the silence. Books and magazines could also be worth supplying.

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