How To Make Your Marketing Event A Flying Success

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Putting on a marketing event? Here are a few golden tips to make your event a success.

Understand the goal of your event

Marketing events come in all different forms from sales conferences to launch parties. The goal may be to generate direct sales from the event or it could be to simply raise brand awareness. It’s important to know exactly what your goal is so that you know how to focus your efforts. If you want to increase brand awareness, you may want to focus on making the event memorable, as well as educating your audience as to who you are. If you want to generate direct sales, you’ll want to invite people that are already leads and you’ll want to take a much harder sales approach. 

Keep a clear budget

Overspend on your event and any leads that you do generate won’t be worthwhile. Consequently you should set a sensible budget. Outline all of the individual costs such as venue hire, catering and chair hire. You can then start shopping around to find services within your budget. The amount of money you put into the event is likely to depend on the value of the product itself – be prepared to spend more marketing big ticket items if you want to impress consumers of this product. This guide offers more information on event budgeting

Choose the right location

The location is also important to consider. It needs to be somewhere accessible and somewhere appropriate. You may be able to host the event at your premises or you may find it more suitable to rent space elsewhere. Sites like this can give you inspiration for destinations. Picking a memorably unique venue might help to make your product more memorable. 

Promote your event effectively

If you don’t promote your event, no-one will come. If it’s on an invite-only basis, you’ll have to likely to call and email people individually. If the event is open to the public, you may be able to create a social media page for the event and promote it this way, as well as possibly using flyers and posters. Make sure to start promoting the event well in advance. In the case of an invite-only event, you may want to confirm numbers before going ahead with the final touches of your event. Consider whether you can offer incentives to encourage people to come such as the opportunity to grab exclusive discounts. 

Hire help from professionals

It’s likely you’ll need to hire some professional help. This could be to design and build a booth for a trade show or it could be to provide catering at a conference. You may even decide to hire an event marketing company to plan the entire event for you. By getting help from the pros, you’ll ensure that the event is organized to the highest quality and you’ll save yourself time and stress. When choosing professionals to hire, make sure to do thorough research so that you hire someone reliable – positive reviews and testimonials are always a good sign. 

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