Benefits of Using CRM for Marketing

CRM can really help you with your marketing, which is pretty exciting for marketers. Let’s look at just how a CRM system can help you to be more effective with your marketing and turn up the sales.

1 Access to Lead Information is Readily Available

When a CRM system is working right, the sales and marketing are completely integrated. This makes the lead intelligence immediately accessible to the marketers. All of the data is easily accessible and it’s all in one place. So whatever marketing software you are using, because it’s integrated, your sales team just adds the information in your CRM system, and they will have access to all of your information as well. However, marketers will have better lead information through CRM, because much of the lead intel is gathered in the CRM system not the marketing software. Information can be constantly added as sales team members learn things about the customer. This will mean anyone dealing with that customer will have the whole picture and that makes it easier to target marketing campaigns far more effectively.

2 It Helps With Pipeline Prioritizing

CRM gives you full visibility of the sales pipeline and it also assists you in prioritizing who you are going to email or call first. You never have to miss an opportunity. When both the sales and marketing departments have access they can identify the fields that will be important to them and use a lead scoring system or sifting system either will work. It give both marketers and sales staff power to make the most out of the best opportunities and to search the pipeline for leads that are at a specific stage in the buying cycle.

3 Sale and Marketing Align Better

CRM won’t solve your sales and marketing alignment problems but it does make it better. Each month both departments have numbers they need to meet and if both teams are working in the CRM system that is integrated with your marketing software, it becomes quick and easy to assess the progress of both teams as well as identify and problem areas. Reports can be generated for management in no time at all. In addition, if marketing is meeting their monthly goals, they can assess whether these leads are filling the pipeline.

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