Stop the Referral Spam: Why Those Platform Invites Are Killing Your Biz-Dev

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Let’s face it, folks. The digital echo chamber of business development is getting polluted. And the culprits? Those ubiquitous referral platforms, spewing out generic invites like confetti cannons at a corporate retreat.

Sure, the idea behind these platforms is noble: connect professionals seeking opportunities. But in reality, they’ve become breeding grounds for intrusive, unstrategic, and frankly, spammy outreach.

Here’s why you should ditch the platform invites and opt for a more targeted, human-to-human approach:

1. Intruding on Their Inbox Real Estate:

Imagine this: you’re drowning in deadlines, spreadsheets sing opera in your head, and suddenly, BAM!, a generic invite from [Platform Name] bursts into your inbox. Subject line: “Connect with me and grow your business!” (Cue eyeroll). Does this scream strategic business development, or a desperate pyramid scheme flyer?

2. Blind Date for Your Biz-Dev:

These platforms prioritize quantity over quality. You shoot invites hoping someone, anyone, might bite. But are you actually connecting with professionals relevant to your business and goals? It’s like going on a blind date with your entire LinkedIn network – chances of finding your business soulmate are slim.

3. The Trolling Trollface of Outreach:

Let’s be honest, those platform invites feel less like networking and more like trolling. You’re casting a wide net, hoping to snag a few unsuspecting “fish” for your quota. This impersonal approach backfires, leaving a trail of annoyance and bruised professional egos.

So, how do you ditch the spam and engage authentically?

1. Ditch the Shotgun, Aim for the Bullseye:

Research your target audience. Understand their challenges, goals, and industry. Personalize your outreach, highlighting specific points of synergy between your expertise and their needs. This shows you’ve done your homework and value their time.

2. Channel Your Inner Sherlock:

Don’t rely on platform algorithms to do your heavy lifting. Find their contact information – their website, email address – and reach out directly. This demonstrates initiative and sets you apart from the lazy spam crowd.

3. From Generic to Genius:

Forget the cookie-cutter “Let’s connect!” messages. Craft concise, compelling emails that showcase the value you bring to the table. Focus on “why” you should work together, not just “how.”

Ready to stop the referral spam and connect like a pro?

Head over to our contact form (link here) and choose the subject line that best reflects your inquiry. We provide ample space for you to personalize your message and showcase your unique value proposition. We’re more than just an inbox – we’re your gateway to authentic, strategic business connections.

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Let’s stop the spam and start connecting like humans. Your inbox will thank you.

Remember, genuine outreach starts with understanding your audience and tailoring your message. Ditch the platforms, embrace personalization, and watch your business development bloom. Now get out there and connect, the right way!

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2 thoughts on “Stop the Referral Spam: Why Those Platform Invites Are Killing Your Biz-Dev

  1. Zoe Hughes

    Completely agree with this post. LinkedIn has become a nightmare for me. I use other methods to gain access to opportunities, including reading this blog!

  2. Lena Benjamin, MBA

    I had to write this blog post because again I received an invitation to connect from one of these ridiculous, usually American, referral platforms. If you would like to “connect” or have “referrals” for new business. Use the link in the blog post to get in touch. Be strategic in your outreach to me and SMART (if you know what this acronym is then you are definitely someone I want to engage with, click on the link to find out what it stands for!). Otherwise blocking and junk mail is where any email goes! Thanks 🙏🏿 for understanding

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