What To Look For In Your First Business Premises

Making the jump from a startup or remote-only business operation into an office-based enterprise, with specific space you rent out or own, is a large milestone. It’s an achievement worth celebrating, even if the eternal adage of “more money, more problems” comes into play here.

To start with, you have to make sure the space is well-maintained, and that it has the provisions necessary to take your brand to the next level. For example, well-curated meeting rooms in which you can woo clients, interview job candidates, or decide on tricky business plans can be a very welcome change.

This isn’t to say you need all the bells and whistles to run a successful smaller enterprise, far from it in fact. As you’ll see by our guide to determining what kind of business you hope to start, sometimes, some plucky courage and the willingness to make things work can go further than you think.

That said, considering some of these metrics before you give the final “yes” to a certain enterprise can be very useful. Without further ado, let’s consider what those are:

Potential Infrastructure

From proper networking to seamless storage, cabling and utilities, it’s important to make sure provisions are available for your IT department and more. This is where brands like Onsemi can guide you, while you also work with a hybrid office administration and cloud-based setup, enhancing security, autonomy, and convenience. Your first business premises should have space for this essential infrastructure, even if you only plan to implement that a little further down the line. After all, if you’re going to expand, you need provisional space to expand operations into.

Reliable Amenities

Amenities will define how you use the space, from spacious restrooms to staff lockers, a good staff kitchen that can be relied upon, and larger spaces in which you can arrange desks with navigable surrounding space. Perks might also include meeting room space, a waiting room area, storage space where appropriate, and more. Depending on what building you rent, or what floor you operate on, certain provisions can vary, which is why it’s always important to clearly lay out your needs and wants before searching at all. This way, no essential provision will go unmet.

Security & Safety

Good sight lines, well-lit surroundings, secure fire doors, certain systems like keycard entry and exists, a reception desk to process guests, visitors or potential recruits, and good CCTV coverage over parking areas, be that outsourced or owned, can be essential to consider. This way, you will make certain everyone who enters your premises is as safe as can be. Of course, this effort should also include your efforts towards fire safety, from identifying the correct evacuation point to seeing where routes need to be better established, signposting needs to be implemented, and essential protections, like automatically closing fire doors, can be installed. 

With this advice, you’re sure to know what to look for, or how to see potential, when searching for your first business premises. This way, your storied history can continue unimpeded.

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